Home Arts: 1. the artistry involved in creating an environment that nurtures the person and forms the building block of human culture. 2. actions that meet the basic needs of the person—food, clothing, shelter to health, in the shared, intimate space of the home.

For 30 years, Stonecrest Home Arts has provided a work and educational space where
women learn how to care for the basic needs of the person.  

At Stonecrest, women receive the foundation they need to care for the people
they love, learning skills and infusing them with inner richness. 

Stonecrest Home Arts is located in Washington D.C.  Our programs are held at various locations in Washington D.C and northern Virginia. 


Practical Classes: teach the essential skills needed to make homemaking
fun, realistic and intelligent. 

Engaging the Mind: discussions and study groups in philosophical anthropology illuminate the role of the home in building a culture worthy of humanity and in making a place where the person can flourish. 

Labor of Love: “Home Work” has its own inner logic—a logic of beauty, service and love.

The spiritual and doctrinal formation offered at Stonecrest Home Arts is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Roman Catholic Church.